We have an amazing crew working hard to bring this game to life!
Producers, director, special effects artists...you name 'em, we got 'em!
We can't wait to introduce everyone to you!
  1. Joshua Lou Friedman
    Joshua Lou Friedman
    Director Where can be begin with Joshua Lou Friedman? This amazing director has worked on many, many great projects over the years. A horror aficionado, Josh has the perfect mindset to bring this project to the big screen.
  2. Shawn Darling
    Shawn Darling
    Special Effects Probably the best special effects artist we've seen in a long time, Shawn Darling is a name that you'll want to remember. Creating all of his creatures by hand, Shawn works incredibly hard to make sure that all of his creations look as realistic as possible.
  3. Lukas Drake Lucero
    Lukas Drake Lucero
    Producer With a business background, Lukas Drake Lucero is able to use all of his business knowledge and apply it to this movie and all of the behind the scenes work.
  4. James C. Bays
    James C. Bays
    Producer The brain child behind "The Nightmare Game," James C. Bays has been a long time screen writer.
  5. Ariana Mancino
    Ariana Mancino
    Graphic Design/Social Media/Marketing A self-taught artist, Ariana Mancino knows how important visuals are to any project. She's worked on many graphic design and advertising campaigns for other businesses. A self proclaimed social media addict, Ariana knows how important online networking is to getting a project off the ground and running.
  6. Marcel Bays
    Marcel Bays
    Production Assistant