Five friends...

Sitting around a table looking for a fun evening.  When suddenly, a board game, that was thought to be only legend, is brought out. 

THe objective?  To tell the most horrifying nightmare hidden in the back of the player's mind.  
Everyone begins to play, and things start getting dark, quickly.

All the nightmares have a basis in NEw Mexican urban legends.  The nightmares are all personalized versions of lore such as the chupacabra, La Llorona, the skin walkers the Roswell aliens, and the death waltz.

WHen all is said and done, only one person can have the most blood curdling nightmare.  This person wins.

Which legend is the most terrifyingIt's up to you.

Join the game....
Wanna Play?
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Before anyone can play the game, we need help to get our project off the ground.  If you're interested in contributing to this project and helping us bring this awesome, terrifying game to your TV screen, donate to our indie gogo campaign.  We'll make sure it's a nightmare you won't ever forget!